Census Publishes Interactive Map For Headcount Tracking

03.24.10 | FL News Team

Now you can find out how your city and state rate in census form returns. The U.S. Census Bureau has posted an online interactive map showing individual state and community participation rates for the 2010 head count. Site visitors are encouraged to enter their own state or Zip code to be shown their participation rate in the count. With the 2010 census only about a week old, the map shows about 13-percent of forms have already been filled out and returned nationwide. Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota are shown with the top participation rates so far with one-third of forms returned already in Montana. Florida residents are lagging with only about one-percent of census forms returned. Among individual cities, the residents of Leighton City, Iowa top the nation with 72-percent of their forms already mailed back to Washington, DC.

 The Census Bureau is encouraging everyone to spend ten minutes to answer the ten questions on the census form mailed to virtually every home in America last week. If every household mails back their form rather than having a person come knocking at their door, taxpayers would be saved one-point-five-billion dollars.www.census.gov