Celebrating The Waffle

03.25.10 | FL News Team

Today is International Waffle Day -- how do you plan to celebrate? Most people enjoy a waffle at least occasionally. More than 80-percent taking part in a Driscoll's waffle survey say they eat waffles a few times a year. Twelve-percent note they'll have waffles at least once a month. For three-percent, waffles are a weekly meal, while another three-percent eat waffles every day. Syrup is by far the favorite waffle topping, as 88-percent pour on the maple confection. Fruit also goes well with waffles, with 37-percent putting berries on their waffles, and 26-percent adding banana slices. Eleven-percent like their waffles a la mode, and top them with ice cream.

 In addition, 35-percent of respondents note they have a waffle iron, and like to make them at home. But for waffles outside the home, Paris leads the way with 32-percent saying it's the city in which people would most like to eat waffles. New York City follows in second place, while San Francisco just edges out Brussels to take third on the list. Meanwhile, for a third of those polled, the "French Chef," Julia Child, is the celebrity with whom they'd most like to share a waffle. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and James Dean are also favored for a waffle-eating companion.

 Driscoll's International Waffle Day Survey Results

 How often do people eat waffles?

 A few times a year: 82-percent

Every month: 12-percent

Every week: three-percent

Everyday: three-percent


How to people like to top their waffles?

 Syrup: 88-percent

Berries: 37-percent

Bananas: 26-percent

Ice Cream: eleven-percent


Cities in which people would most like to eat waffles:

 Paris: 32-percent

New York City: 26-percent

San Francisco: 15-percent

Brussels: 14-percent

Miami: nine-percent

Tokyo: two-percent

London: two-percent