Catching Texters Behind The Wheel

06.25.13 | Abby Lutcher

"If we believe someone had been texting and driving...we can go through a process to obtain those phone records," Trooper Jeff Petucci of the Pennsylvania State Police says. State police say all it takes is a judge's signature to order a search warrant for phone records. "It's not an automatic thing, but at the same time but if it's a crash that causes serious injury and death we're going to look at that angle if someone has been texting and driving," Petucci says. Pettuci says investigators look for a number of signs that point to distracted driving. "Tire marks, those sorts of things can tell us whether or not someone may have been texting and driving," Petucci says. And with a Nanty Glo man now facing vehicular homicide charges, police hope this opens more eyes than your typical 50 dollar texting fine. "It would be a wake up call. It's very dangerous to text and drive and as we've seen here locally it has happened and it's happened nationwide and it's a problem law enforcement is addressing," Petucci says. There is no standard protocol for investigating distracted driving crashes and it's up to the judgment of both local and state police to decide if phone records need to be pulled.