Cast Your Vote Toughest Weather City Bradford Or Buffalo

03.21.11 |

The bracket numbers are in: Bradford, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York are tied for the toughest weather cities in the nation! While we're working on our NCAA brackets, the National Weather Service is pitting city against city for how they fared in their weather this winter. Sunday was officially the first day of spring, so the tallies have started. The top 16 in the northeastern corner of the United States included Philadelphia, Nantucket, and Caribou, Maine.... as well as Buffalo, New York and Bradford, Pennsylvania. Buffalo made the top 4 because of it's 96-inches of snow logged this season and almost 1 in 2 days with either rain or snow. No surprises there. But what was a surprise on the list was little Bradford Pennsylvania-- clocking in with 88.7 inches of snow; 71 days of snow; and one time where the temps dipped to negative 30 degrees fahreinheit. The National Weather Service is now taking a vote on which city is toughest. If you want to put a bid in for Buffalo or Bradford, you've got till Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. Here is the National Weather Service page where you can cast your vote.