California Movie Theatres Yank Church Easter Ad Saying Its Too Controversial

03.31.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Theatres in California have yanked a pre-movie ad that promoted an Easter church service. Compass Bible Church created the 30-second ad to air for 3 weeks on 45 screens across Orange County; and paid 5-grand to do it. It ends with the line: "did it really happen-- why we believe in the Resurrection." The ad was pulled by National Cinemedia. The company says it took aim at the ad's "controversial" material, it's mention of Jesus, and the fear that moviegoers would be offended. After they were turned down by the media group-- the church popped the ad on youtube. It's already had over 33-hundred views in 2 days-- reaching more people then their paid ad would have. If you'd like to see the ad, go here.