Buddies Take Off On Jetblue Travel Pass Odyssey

09.08.09 | FL News Team

It might be the ultimate road trip: Four guys, 48 airline flights to 28 cities in 31 days. It all begins today for two friends from Buffalo, New York who decided to take JetBlue up on its one-month-only, all you can fly travel pass. Clark Dever sees it as a chance to take a "snapshot" of the U.S when he and friend Joe DiNardo take off on their month-long adventure. They, and two other friends, plan to spend about 12 hours in each city as they fly back and forth across the country.


While trying to attract sponsors to help offset the cost of the trip, they're also using social media to connect with people in every city as a way of getting rides from the airport, couches to crash on and tips on the best things to do in each town. DiNardo says the flights, if booked separately, would cost between ten and 15-thousand-dollars, depending on have far in advance they were booked. The adventure can be followed on their website, www.twelvehoursinacity.com.