British French Subs Collide In Atlantic

02.16.09 | FL News Team

Two nuclear-armed submarines have collided beneath the Atlantic ocean while conducting separate maneuvers. The "Daily Telegraph" reports the British and French subs were both badly damaged in the underwater collision which happened earlier this month.

No one was hurt and there wasn't any damage to the vessels' weapons. Citing their policy to not comment on submarine operations, the British defense ministry in London wouldn't confirm the reports. The French defense ministry also declined comment.

The "Sun" newspaper said modern anti-sonar technology is so good that it's possible neither submarine detected the other in time. The British Vessel involved, the HMS Vanguard, is one of four British subs that carries the Trident nuclear missile.

At least one of the submarines is on patrol at all times. Le Triomphant, the French nuclear sub, carries 16 nuclear missiles and is one of four nuclear-armed submarines in the French fleet.