Brazil Is First To Fund Haiti Reconstruction Effort

05.12.10 | FL News Team

Many nations pledged money for a Haitian reconstruction fund following a devastating earthquake in January but Only Brazil has come through with funds. World Bank President Robert Zoellick announced Tuesday that Brazil was the first contributor and asked other nations to make good on their pledges of aid. Brazil has given 55-million dollars to the World Bank-supervised fund. In March, other donors around the world pledged a collective ten-billion dollars over a decade to help rebuild the island nation. The U.S. pledged one-point-two-billion dollars.

During a signing ceremony with the secretary general of Brazil, Zoellick said "Many promises have been made in support of Haiti's reconstruction." He called turning the pledges into reality for the Haitian people "urgent." The January 12th quake killed up to 300-thousand people in Haiti.