Bp Preparing For Effort To Permanently Block Oil Leak

08.03.10 | FL News Team

(Houston, TX)  --  A beleaguered BP is getting ready to unleash the first of a set of one-two punches meant to permanently stop the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  The company is working to contain the leak as it faces a Securities and Exchange Commission insider trading probe.  BP is also dealing with new figures that show the leak is the world's largest accidental release of oil.  Revised U.S. numbers reveal almost five-million barrels of oil escaped from the rig in the Gulf of Mexico before the flow was provisionally trapped in mid-July.  Earlier BP estimates put the total at four-million barrels.

The company is getting rid of technical glitches before the initial static kill maneuver, which could happen today.  The static kill injects mud, cement, or both, into the troubled well.  It will be followed by what's called a bottom kill after drilling of a relief well is completed later this month.  The bottom kill also involves pumping cement and mud into the broken well.