Black Bears Are Starting To Invade Urban And Suburban Backyards In Ny Pa

09.06.12 |

Black bears are about to go on a feeding frenzy in Pennsylvania and New York. That means they'll be foraging around, going through your trash and bird feeders. The Pennsylvania Game Commission says there are 18 to 20 thousand game bears in Pennsylania alone. They say "right now, that whole population is putting on as much fat as possible during the winter denning season. They're going to be getting into as much food as possible, and this is when we'll see them coming into the urban and suburban settings." The commission says if they can find readily available food sources, they will stay there until the food sources are removed. They say it's important to take down your birdfeeders, secure your garbage, and make sure you're cleaning out pet food dishes and your barbeque grill. Bears don't hibernate for another 3 months. They spend up to 20 hours a day looking for food.