Bill Gates Sets Sights On Controlling Weather

07.16.09 | FL News Team

Starting a wildly successful software company, operating a philanthropic foundation and consistently making the list of the world's wealthiest people just wasn't enough for Bill Gates. "USA Today" reports the Microsoft founder is now working on a way to tame hurricanes. Gates and a group of co-inventors have submitted five patent applications to the U.S. Patent and Trade Office. In those applications, they pitch a plan to have strategically placed barges pump frigid water from roughly 500 feet deep in the ocean up to the surface. Hurricanes gain strength when warm, moist air rises off the surface of the ocean. Gates and his co-inventors believe that if they can cool the water in the hurricane's path enough to curb the rise of warm air, they can slash the hurricane's strength by around half a category without altering its path. If approved, the patents would give Gates and his team 18 years of legal rights to the idea.