Bill Gates Backs Programs To Fund Christian Relief Groups

05.26.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Christians have a huge ally at the G-8 summit that starts today.  It's a name you recognize, but likely don't link with faith-based work: Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates made a trip to Capitol Hill this week ahead of G-8 to urge legislators to protect domestic and international assistance programs for the poor-- cash used by groups like World Vision. The money they approve will go right into funds set up at the g-8 summit. In his speech, Gates asked legislators to take "courage" in the midst of a fiscal crisis and invest more. He said Congress has only pumped about one third of the cash they promised into a global agriculture program that helps the poor in developing countries grow food. Christian relief group World Vision will be at the G-8 talks in France. Spokeswoman Geraldine Ryerson-Cruz praised Gates, saying it's boldness in people like him-- that leads to congressional cash to buy the food that World Vision hands out.