Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Gives Millions To Schools

11.20.09 | FL News Team

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doling out tens of millions of dollars to schools. Following a year-long competitive application process, the foundation has announced awards amounting to 335-million dollars to school districts. The money is to be used to raise student achievement and improve teacher skills. Sixty-million dollars will go to charter schools in Los Angeles to improve teacher effectiveness. In announcing that grant, Melinda Gates said "We are convinced that in order to dramatically improve education in America, we must first ensure that every student has an effective teacher in every subject, every school year."

The Gates foundation says about 230-million dollars will go to schools in Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. All were credited with developing "groundbreaking plans" to improve teacher effectiveness. In Memphis, nearly two-million dollars of a 90-million dollar grant will be spent installing cameras in classrooms of the most successful teachers so other instructors can copy their methods.