Big Three Vie For Cop Car Biz

03.15.10 | FL News Team

Detroit's Big Three are fighting to get back in the good graces of police departments across the nation. Next year, Ford will end production of the police car of choice for many departments, the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. "USA Today" reports Ford has just unveiled a police version of its Taurus, which it claims has both the size and durability police agencies need and, unlike the Crown Vic, it's available with all-wheel drive. The new car is equipped with a V-6 engine but it wouldn't be wise to try and outrun the law enforcement motor. With twin turbochargers it delivers 365 horsepower. That's 115 more than the much heavier Crown Vic.

 GM believes it has the perfect rear-wheel-drive sedan in a vehicle from its Australian Holden unit. It'll be badged as a Chevrolet Caprice for police use. And Chrysler is already selling a police version of the Dodge Charger. In the past, automakers have played down fleet sales to cities, considering them just a low-profit business. That's no longer the case. Four out of ten Fords sold in February went to fleet sales, including police. It's estimated there are about 450-thousand police cars across the U.S. About 75-thousand are replaced each year.