Big Focus On Jobs This Week

02.08.10 | FL News Team

Much of the focus in the nation's capital this week will be on jobs.  The Senate is expected to start working on a new Democratic jobs bill with a big push from President Obama.  Obama said he welcomes constructive ideas from Republicans.  Obama urged Democrats and Republicans to "work quickly and together to get this done."  The House passed a new jobs bill late last year.  The nation's unemployment rate in January was nine-point-seven percent.  That's a drop of three-tenths of one percent from the previous month.  Visiting small business owners in Maryland Friday, Obama called the new numbers a "cause for hope, but not celebration."  He said the latest labor report offers "modest signs of progress along the road to recovery."  Meantime responding to growing anxiety about federal spending, the President is expected to issue an executive order this week creating a bipartisan commission to tackle debts and deficits.