Bible Page On Facebook Gets More Attention Then Any Other Page

04.14.11 | Sarah Harnisch

An interesting milestone was hit on Facebook this morning. The page "The Bible" became the most-engaged page on the social networking website. Australian founder and pastor Mark brown said "in the whole world, the Bible page is number one-- number one in the whole of facebook-- engagment is comments, engagment is 'likes'-- engagment is all the interaction you have." There are more then 500 million people on Facebook across the world-- and on the Bible page alone, there are 6-million-679 thousand followers. In fact, within 3 minutes after Mark's post, there were 1,488 "likes" and 74 comments. He says "this is about getting the Word of God out there, and you have been a big part of that. And if you can, let's keep this going. Invite your friends to join the Bible page." People use the page to get prayed for, to confess, and to hear the word of God quoted dozens of times a minute. "The Bible" beat out Justin Bieber by 30 thousand interactions. Barack Obama's page came in 14th, W.W.E, 12th place. If you want to join, go here.