Automated Phone Calls To Stop Tomorrow

08.31.09 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  Those annoying automated phone sales pitches will all but stop tomorrow.  As of September 1st, any company that dials a phone registered with the federal "do not call" registry can be fined up to 16-thousand-dollars per call.

Lois Greisman is with the marketing practices division of the Federal Trade Commission.  She says anyone who receives an automated sales pitch after today should contact the FTC immediately at the agency website  

Greisman says there are some marketers who are exempt from the ban.  You can still receive political calls, banks can still contact you and calls from non-profit organizations get a pass.

Consumers can add their landline phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry at  Cell phone users don't have to do anything as telemarketers are banned from calling those numbers.