Automakers Join Calls Against Driving While Texting

09.24.09 | FL News Team

There is an increasing clamor among safety officials, lawmakers and just plane people for bans on all hand-held communications and other devices while driving. Now automakers have joined that call. Dave McCurdy, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers trade group says "it's common sense." He says "the use of hand-held devices has increased dramatically and I think there is a temptation to lose focus and take your eyes off the road." The federal government will be holding a distracted driving forum in Washington next week. Legislation recently proposed by New York Senator Charles Schumer threatens to withhold 25-percent of federal highway money from states that don't impose a texting ban on drivers.

The National Safety Council is taking the debate a step further. The organization is pushing for a total ban on the use of cell phones and texting while driving. About a dozen states have already passed laws that ban texting while driving, a few have also made the use of cell phones illegal while the vehicle is moving.