Athiests Irritated At Tax Exemptions Given To Creation Museum

08.17.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch

   The Creation Museum in Kentucky has been given 40-million dollars from their state in tax incentives to build a life-sized replica of Noah's Ark. Now, athiests are crying fowl. Edwin Kagin with the National Humanist Society says "the aim of much of this is not just to perpetuate these Bronze Age myths, but in fact to attack the very foundation of science and scientific literacy, and bring it into scorn."  But Mike Zovath, with Answers in Genesis, says there's nothing wrong with the State of Kentucky funding private religious projects. He says the full-size replica of Noah's Ark will show people that the Bible story could have happened exactly like it was written. He says "when you get to walk through the boat and see how big this thing really was and how many cages were there and how much room there was for food and water and all of the things they needed, our hope is people start seeing this is plausible." Kentucky's Democratic Governor says he supports state funding for the project, arguing that it will bring 900 jobs to the area.  The 27-million dollar Creation Museum opened in May of 2007.