Army Commander Bans Gi Pregnancies In Northern Iraq

12.21.09 | FL News Team

Getting pregnant could get some soldiers court-martialed. "Stars and Stripes," the military newspaper, is reporting that the Army general who commands U.S. forces in northern Iraq has banned pregnancies for his personnel. The order applies both to married and unmarried GIs and to the military husband or partner who impregnates them. Violaters face punishment, including the threat of a court martial and jail time.

 Major General Anthony Cucolo banned pregnancy because it means having to redeploy the pregnant soldier and creates a hole in the unit. Military judges have reviewed and approved the new policy. The no-pregnancy rule applies to Army personnel serving in Kirkuk, Tikrit, Mosul and other hot-spots in northern Iraq. Eugene Fidell, a military legal expert at Yale Law School said the Army was likely responding to a high number of female GIs who are, quote, "sidelined at a time when they can't be spared."