Arizona Border Deaths May Break Record This Year

08.24.10 | FL News Team

(Tucson, AZ)  --  Arizona border deaths look to be at an all time high.  In 2007, the bodies of 218 illegal immigrants were found in the desert outside of Tucson.  This year, law enforcement officials have already recovered the remains of 170 individuals who attempted to cross the blistering landscape on foot.  Pima County Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Eric Peters acknowledged the troubling numbers by saying, "we're kind of looking at a record-breaking year this year."

The "Los Angeles Times" reports that in July alone, 59 migrants were found dead.  Arizona border deaths have been spiking for the past several years.  It's believed that a border crackdown in California has caused more illegal immigrants to cross into the U.S. through Arizona's blazing and dangerous deserts.  About two-thirds of the bodies discovered this year remain unidentified.