Apple Releases Audit Chronicling Worker Abuses At Its Factories

02.16.11 | FL News Team

(Cupertino, CA)  --  Those prized Apple gadgets come at a high price to some of the people who make them.  The high-tech giant went public today with an audit of troubling worker conditions at overseas factories that make its blockbuster iPhones, iPods and other devices.  Apple's Supplier Responsibility 2011 Report notes a number of cases of poisonings, suicides and child laborers.  Many plants still violate Apple's 60-hour work week.  The report also outlines the company's overhaul of its overseas business practices.  The full report is available at on Apple's website.

The most publicized of Apple's supplier problems is the wave of suicides that swept the Foxconn factory in China in recent years.  The report credits Foxconn with hiring counselors since then and says it has implemented all of Apple's demands, including placing large nets to catch people who leap off its buildings.