Animatronic Obama Ready For Disney World Debut

05.22.09 | FL News Team

flnn-robot - President Obama

Disney World will soon have a dead ringer for the 44th president. An animatronic Barack Obama purses its lips, shrugs and spreads its palms just like the real thing.

"The New York Times" got a glimpse of "roboboma," as it's been dubbed by the imagineers at Disney's Hollywood production facility. Soon, however, Disneygoers in Orlando, Florida can see the silicone President Obama along with his mechanical predecessors at the Hall of Presidents.

The famed electronic ode to the nation's commanders in chief got a makeover with special help from presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and is slated to re-open July 4th. The real Obama lent his voice to a short speech on freedom that has been combed over by both Disney and White House speechwriters.

He will take the oath of office again, this time without the famous flubs from his January 19th inauguration. Previously, presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have recorded their voices for the Disney exhibit.