Ancient Tooth Found In Israel Shatters Evolutionary Theory

12.28.10 |

   A tooth has been found in a cave in Israel that could dramatically disrupt secular theories on the age of the earth; and on the evolution of humans from apes. Israeli archeologists said Monday they have found the earliest evidence yet of modern man. A Tel Aviv University team excavating a cave in Israel says teeth found they say are 400 thousand years old and resemble modern man's. The earliest homosapiens found to date are half as old... if you believe in an ancient earth theory. But if you believe in a six-thousand-year-old earth-- here is where this gets interesting. Even if these teeth are even a fraction of that age, it would toss out the idea that man originated in africa-- but instead-- was first found near israel and in the Middle East. Biblically, Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers-- in the Middle East. And the evolution of man from an animal would also come into question, because all "evolutionary" bones are much younger then the teeth that were found in Israel.