Americans Say Christmas Is A Religious Holiday But Dont Act Like It

12.20.10 |

A closer look at Christmas activities reveals what may be the first alarming gap between belief and behavior. Many Americans are skipping Christmas' religious side. 2 new surveys-- one from Lifeway and one from U.S.A. Today and Gallup-- show more then 9 in 10 americans celebrate the holiday, even if they're athiests. But even though they say the holiday is primarily religious, their actions suggest otherwise. Many skip church, omit Jesus, and zero in on holiday traditions instead of faith. Just 1 in every 2 attend church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 1 in every 3 watch movies talking about Christ's birth. And only 28 percent of all Americans will even read the Christmas story aloud this year from the Bible. John Lindell, the lead pastor of the James River Assembly in Missouri-- says he doesn't look down on the numbers. He says he sees an open path to outeach. He says it's not what we do so much in December, but in the other 11 months of the year that matter most.