Americans Becoming Disenchanted With Obama

06.22.09 | FL News Team

Two new tracking polls show President Obama's popularity is falling. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll unveiled Sunday finds only 32 percent of voters in the U.S. now saying they strongly approve of the way the president is performing his job. The same survey finds 34 percent strongly disapprove of the way he's handling the most powerful job in the world. On average, though, a total 53 percent of Americans approve somewhat of Obama's leadership.

Rasmussen says ratings break strongly along party lines with 60 percent of Democrats saying they strongly approve of the president's performance while only eight percent of Republicans feel that way. A stinging 61 percent of Republicans strongly disapprove of the way Obama is balancing economics and international relations.

A new Gallup daily tracking survey finds the presidential popularity falling too, but by not as much. In February, 69 percent of Americans told the Gallup researchers they approve of the job President Obama was doing while only 12 percent disapproved. As of Sunday, the approval number has spiraled down to 57 percent while his disapproval rating has soared to 35 percent.


The Gallup survey follows the Rasmussen poll when it comes to political affiliation. The president's approval rating remains very high among Democrats at 92 percent. Support by independent voters stands at 53 percent, while only 21 percent of Republicans say they approve of the way Obama is doing his job.