American Red Cross Providing Assistance To Those Affected By Flooding

07.02.13 | Abby Lutcher

On Friday, parts of Reynoldsville were still under water. For many of the people whose homes were damaged, it's not the first time. They live next to Sandy Lick Creek and expect it. For others, though, the American Red Cross is ready to help. "When the water was in the garage and the water was coming up around the front of the house (we got out)," said Barbara Srock. "We sat up in the car up there and just watched it creep up over the porch." Srock and her husband live just past the baseball fields in Reynoldsville. They said they had nearly 4 feet of water surrounding their home Thursday night and about 18 inches inside. But it's not the first flood the Srocks have survived. It's their third. "You think, 'oh boy, get the bleach, get the Lysol,'" said Srock. "Start tearing up the carpet. ... That's what you're actually thinking of, the cleanup." Luckily, the Srocks have flood insurance and family nearby, but for those who don't, the American Red Cross is lending a hand. "Initially we were providing shelter, food, those things," said Matt Auflick. "But with the casework process, it may be some longer-term needs like home repairs and those things we might be able to provide." The organization has a disaster-relief assistance area set up at the Reynoldsville fire department to provide food, water, shelter and assistance to those who need it. "Then (we'll also) refer to them to other agencies because there are other churches, nonprofits and agencies working in the area providing food, clothing, things people might need," said Auflick. The Srocks have already pulled up their carpets, thrown out the furniture, and started to clean, making their home livable until the next flood. "You just deal with it as you get it and pray to God it don't happen too often," said Srock. The American Red Cross will remain at the Reynoldsville fire department throughout the week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The organization is also assisting people from its office in Dubois. For more information, call 814-371-2750.