American Missionary Released From Jail After 5 Months In Haiti

03.18.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  An American missionary who was held without being charged for 5 months in Haiti has been released, and has set foot yet again in the United States.  Danny Pye, a 29-year-old pastor had an orphanage in Haiti, and arrived in florida last night with his wife. Martha DePaul, a family friend, says Pye got home just in time to see the birth of his new baby. She says "his wife has not gone into labor yet, but it will not be long!"  A judge jailed Pye over claims he took property from another group of missionaries, former associates with whom he split following a dispute last year. The group said it never intended for him to be jailed, and the U.S. Embassy complained about the Haitian justice ministry's handling of the case. Haitian law gives judges wide latitude to detain subjects without charges.