Alzheimers Gene Jump Starts Memory Decline

07.16.09 | FL News Team

Researchers say memory declines get jump started in people with the so-called "Alzheimer's gene" before they reach 60 years of age. They say such regression occurs even if they have no clinical symptoms of dementia. In a separate study, it was determined that people who learned they had the gene were not emotionally scarred by it. Known as the ApoE4 gene, the study by Dr. Richard Caselli of the Mayo Clinic in Arizona found people with it showed problems with memory at an earlier age than people who did not have the gene. The study involved people between 21 to 97 who were grouped according to their gene status. Memory problems were worse in people who inherited the gene from both parents.


The separate study by researchers from Boston University School of Medicine indicated that people who found they had inherited the ApoE4 gene showed no more anxiety, depression or test-related distress than those who did not. The research in both studies is published in the "New England Journal of Medicine."