Alternatives To New Years Ball Drop

12.31.08 | FL News Team

In the Big Apple they'll drop a ball to mark the end of one year and the beginning of the next tonight.  In Georgia they'll be dropping peaches, in Maine a sardine gives its all to mark the stroke of midnight.

The "Washington Post" reports in Pennsylvania, people will drop pretty much anything affected by gravity which is -- pretty much everything.  In Annapolis tonight Don Wisniewski and friends are preparing to drop a sailboat festooned with a string of Christmas tree lights.

Multiple searches have turned up nary a city a town or a burgh where they're planning to drop an apple -- big or otherwise.

There is historical precedent for dropping things to mark the time.  In the 19th century, balls were dropped in English ports at exactly one p.m. each day to allow ships in harbor to set their chronometers.

Those who actually study such things claim New York has the ball dropping ritual all wrong.  They say the moment is supposed to be marked when the ball dropping begins, not when it ends.

Still a mystery is how the droppers of all things will account for this evenings added "leap" second.  For that, only time will tell.