All Pa Super Bowl

01.13.09 | FL News Team

What does a governor do if two teams from his or her state end up in the Super Bowl? Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has come up with a unique solution to the tradition of governors wagering a friendly bet on the outcome of the game between two teams from different states: he'll bet against himself.

A Rendell spokesman says make no mistake about it, the governor bleeds Eagles green. Rendell says, though, that he has a unique way to make a friendly wager if both the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers wind up in the Super Bowl. 

Spokesman Chuck Ardo says if the two teams make it to the Super Bowl, Rendell will place a bet against himself. That means if the Eagles and Steelers make it to the big game and the Eagles win, Mr. Rendell will deliver Primanti Brothers sandwiches from the Steel City to a homeless shelter and senior center in Philadelphia. If the Steelers win, the governor will send Philly cheese steaks to a shelter and senior center in Pittsburgh.