Al Qaedas Number 3 Reportedly Killed In Pakistan

06.01.10 |

Al-Qaeda's number-three leader apparently has been killed in a lawless area of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. That's an area frequently targeted by CIA drones that fire missiles into enemy positions. Federal officials in Washington say there is strong reason to believe that Sa'id al-Masri was killed recently in Pakistan's tribal areas. At the same time, al-Qaeda announced al-Masri's death on Islamist websites. The announcement added that his wife, three daughters and a granddaughter were also killed. U.S. officials say al-Masri may have died in the last week or so.

 Al-Masri claimed credit for the December 30th attack on an American base in eastern Afghanistan, in which eight people were killed, including seven CIA operatives. He was an Egyptian national who is believed to be a co-founder of al-Qaeda. He is thought to be the man who oversaw the day-to-day operations of the terror organization.