Airlines Adding Fees For Summer Peak Travel Days

05.25.10 |

Summertime travel on the nation's airlines is going to cost more, thanks to a new surcharge for flying on "peak travel days." An analysis of air fares by "USA Today," found five airlines, American, Delta, Continental, United and US Airways, have surcharges on most flights on 73 of the 74 days from June 10th through August 22nd., which analyzed the data, says the extra fees range from ten to 30-dollars for each one-way domestic flight and are included in the cost of a ticket. Company CEO Rick Seaney says the charges could cost a family of four an extra 240-dollars for a round trip travel this summer. Seaney says the airlines are, quote, "treating the entire summer season like a holiday." Sundays have the highest surcharges, while Tuesday and Wednesday travel is the least expensive.