Airbus To Test Biofuels In Planes

01.22.10 | FL News Team

Airbus is giving a green light to test what may be the "green" fuel in the aviation sector in the future. The European aircraft manufacturer says it is certain biofuels will work in its planes and will be testing the substance. A senior official with Airbus says a gas-to-liquid fuel was successfully tested two years ago for Qatar Airways. The fuel was shown to be as effective as normal jet fuel, but minus the smell of sulphur. Although the substance proved to be an alternative fuel, it did not live up to expectations that it would reduce carbon emissions. An official with the Air Transport Action Group says biofuels will be environmentally friendly. Paul Steele says the fuels would not be derived from food crops, require farmland or use excessive fresh water. A huge potential is seen in producing biofuel from algae and plants that grow in salty water known as halophytes.