Air Force Recruiting Service Lifts Tattoo Ban

12.04.09 | FL News Team

The U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service has done an about face on a controversial anti-tattoo policy. The short-lived policy that was overturned Thursday banned enlistees from having tattoos on their right arms. The ban was lifted after dozens of recruits were prevented from heading to basic training because of the prohibition prohibiting tattoos on the saluting arm. A spokesperson for the Air Force Recruiting Service says those individuals whose tattoos were already approved before the policy was revised have been rescheduled to depart for basic training on December 15th.

 The tougher tattoo rule for recruits was approved last month by Recruiting Service commander Brigadier General A.J. Stewart. But an investigation into the policy found that too many recruits would be disqualified from enlisting, leading the Recruiting Service to drop the policy.