Additive In Sunscreen May Cause Skin Cancer

06.14.10 | FL News Team

A U.S. senator is blowing the whistle on sunscreen, claiming an additive may be linked to skin cancer. Senator Charles Schumer said Sunday the Food & Drug Administration has been reviewing data from several studies that point accusing fingers at the additive since mid-2009. Schumer says the FDA has yet to issue any guidelines despite a year of study. In a statement, the New York Democrat said "Summer is here, people are soaking up the sun and the FDA needs to immediately provide guidance and reassurance to consumers."

 The FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research has found a possible link between skin cancer and the sunscreen additive retinyl palmitate. The ingredient, a vitamin A derivative, is found in many of the most popular sunscreen products. One study discovered tumors developed up to 21-percent faster in lab animals when retinyl palmitate was used in a cream than in animals treated with the same cream that didn't contain the chemical. Schumer wants the FDA to provide an evaluation and recommendations immediately.