97 Of Kids Say They Have Access To Drugs And Alcohol At School

08.22.12 | Sarah Harnisch

As your kids head back to school in New York and Pennsylvania, you may be surprised at how many carry something a little extra in their backpack: drugs and alcohol. There's a new teen survey from the substance abuse and addiction center at Columbia University. Lead researcher Joseph Califano interviewed a thousand high schoolers. He said "it's alcohol and drugs that are putting the high in high school, not advanced education." Nearly every single one of them, 97 Percent, said they had classmates that used alcohol, drugs, or smoked cigarettes during school hours. 40-percent of the surveyed kids said they knew a classmate that sold drugs: mostly marijuana. And 52-percent said there's a particular spot on our near campus where students know they can go to get high. Califano says "it's easy to do on school grounds or near school grounds without getting caught." The problem isn't limited to public schools. More then half of a private school teens said drugs were in their schools too, a 50-percent increase from last year.