9 11 Surfer Tells How He Freefell 15 Stories And Survived The Twin Towers Attack

09.11.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Just when you think you've heard every survivor's story from the World Trade Center Towers, yet another one emerges. Pasquale Buzzelli was knocked unconcious after freefalling 15 stories. He told NBC: "a split second later, I looked up with my eyes, and I thought I was dead. And then I started to cough, to feel pain. I can't believe... I looked up and there was nothing above me. The building was gone." He's been nicknamed the 9-11 surfer. Buzzelli was making his way down one of the exit staircases when the tower started collapsing around him. He was able to ride the debris for 15 floors before coming to a stop. He says it took so long to tell the story because he had survivor's guilt and P.T.S.D.