70 Percent Of Ground Beef Sold Is Pink Sludge Wheres The Good Stuff

03.12.12 | Sarah Harnisch

A report by ABC found 70-percent of ground beef sold in stores is beef trimmings nicknamed "pink slime"-- that was once only used in dog food. It consists of fats and cartiledge sprayed with ammonia to make it safe to eat, then added to ground beef as a cheap filler. Two USDA inspectors have come out as whistleblowers on what's going on. They call it economic fraud, a "salvage product... leftover fat, superheated, ground up, sprayed with ammonia and spun out." One of the stores accused of using the additives is Tops Food Markets in New York and Pennsylvania. Tops issued a statement Sunday saying the parent company that owned them four years ago allowed ammonia fillers, but they were bought out by Morgan Stanley, and do not use them anymore. Wegmans says it does not use fillers.

If you want to see a list of grocery store's statements on their meat, go here.