7 Year Old Tries To Feed 5 Thousand Like Jesus

03.28.12 | Sarah Harnisch

You can have a chance to be part of the loaves and fishes story. This time, God is using a 7-year-old boy named Ethan. Ethan Becerra lives in Seattle, Washington. A few weeks ago, he learned that he could feed a homeless person for just 2 dollars. So he started saving his chore money so he could feed the homeless on Easter sunday. He raised 30 dollars. Then he got a vision. What if he could feed 5-thousand homeless people, just like Jesus fed the 5-thousand people on a hillside by the Sea of Galilee, 2-thousand years ago? His story took off. It was carried by a newsroom in Washington, and now, all across the nation. So far, he's raised 14-hundred dollars. He says if Jesus could feed the hungry centuries ago, surely, he can do it today. And he asked every adult to pitch in 2-dollars. Easter is just a little over 2 weeks away.
   If you want to help him out, go here.