60th Anniversary Of Geneva Conventions

08.12.09 | FL News Team

It's the 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions today. The term Geneva Conventions refers to agreements negotiated after World War Two that spell out the basic rights of those captured in war time and offers protection to the wounded and civilian populations in war-torn areas of the world. Consisting of four treaties that were signed on August 12th, 1949, the agreement governs over all declared and undeclared armed conflicts. All 194 countries have since ratified the Geneva Conventions.


The Red Cross was spawned from the first treaty proposal in 1864. Now, the International Committee of the Red Cross organizes relief operations, visit prisoners and conducts other humanitarian efforts during war time. The ICRC is using the Geneva Conventions' 60th anniversary to bring to light ongoing violations by States that include random attacks, mass movements of civilian refugees and poor treatment of prisoners. ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger said, quote, "Even wars have limits, and if existing rules were followed to a great extent, much of the suffering caused by armed conflict could be avoided."