5 Of American Christians Will Choose Church At Home Over Church At Church This Easter

04.22.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Some American Christians are choosing to do church at home this Easter weekend instead of going to a formal service.
     "USA Today" plastered the cover of their Thursday paper with a Barna research poll that shows 75-percent of American Christians engage in "house" churches during the year.  In other words, they watch a pastor online, gather with a couple neighbors, or do family devotionals-- instead of hitting a traditional church service. 5-percent use it to replace church entirely. 69-percent watched a religious program on t.v. instead; 68-percent said they listened to religious radio, 68-percent joined a special event like a religious concert, and 42-percent churched online. Most said they didn't like congregational structure or process. They say it's closer to the original-- the small gatherings of secret, early, persecuted Christians. Those for formal church point to Hebrews 10:24, which talks about assembling together to worship Christ. They say church provides accountability, honors the Lord's day, combines spiritual strength in prayer, and is an act of obedience.