4 In 10 Americans Say Marriage Is Obsolete

11.18.10 | Sarah Harnisch

  4 in every 10 Americans said in a new pew research poll that marriage is becoming obsolete. They said with young adults pushing off marriage and living together and the divorce rate as high as it is, 1 in every 3 kids are living with a parent who's either unwed or no longer married. That's a 5 fold increase from 1960. 3 in every 5 Americans also said that a same sex couple with children was a family. Paul Taylor, the Executive Vice President of the Pew Research Center, says on the upside, while Americans seem to agree that the definition of a family is changing-- not many like it. He says "about 70 percent of the public says this is a bad thing for society, and virtually no one says it's a good thing." Census data in September showed marriages hit an all time low for adults 18 and over. People are waiting longer and longer-- to tie the knot.