3 In 4 Drivers Admit Theyre Not Paying Attention

08.30.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Exactly how safe is it to be behind the wheel? A brand new survey paid for by Ford Motor Company shows most of us aren't paying attention. The study looked at 25-hundred American drivers, and most of us, 99 percent, believe we're pretty good behind the wheel. Despite that, 76-percent of us say we eat or drink while driving, 55 percent admit to speeding, 53 percent hold a cell phone and talk while driving, 37 percent drive when they are too tired, and 25 percent will text and drive. The carmaker comes out with a new Ford Fusion in October, which has a vibrating steering wheel if you cross into another lane, or the image of a coffee cup that appears on the dash if you stray too often, suggesting you're tired, and need some caffeine.