2010 So Far Is Warmest Year In 131 Years

05.18.10 |

The National Climatic Data Center and NASA are reporting this year is, so far, the warmest ever recorded. "USA Today" reports that data from the climate center indicates the combined land and ocean average surface temperatures -- from the beginning of January through the end of April -- was 56 degrees. That's nearly one-and-a-quarter degrees above the 20th Century average. NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies agrees, saying thus far, this is the warmest year of the past 131. Both agencies use data that go back to 1880.

 NASA has already predicted 2010 could become the warmest complete year on record, thanks to a combination of El Nino and global warming. It could be tough to convince residents of Florida, who've experienced their coldest year ever. But people living in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have enjoyed their warmest year on record so far. The NCDC and NASA say April stood alone as the warmest April on record worldwide.