150 Of 200 Corning West High Kids On Their Way To London To Perform

12.29.10 | Sarah Harnisch

   Finally, just about all of the Corning West High School band students-- 200 of them-- that were on a trip to London to play in a parade before the Queen of England-- caught a flight out of New York City. 150 kids made it out on a flight last night and a flight at 3:30 this morning, and the last 50 are awaiting a flight sometime today. Unfortunately, the luggage on the second flight was left behind. Chaperones say had already fed-exed the kid's instruments ahead of the band, so they may not have laundry and shampoo-- but at least they'll have have flutes, trombones, and tubas. One of the moms spoke with Family Life news-- she says they will miss an mp3 tour of the parade route by not arriving Monday night-- as well as a coach tour, but at least the band will get there in time for Saturday's parade.