12 Year Old Brought Back To Life In Washington State

08.11.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  A 12-year-old who likes legos and knock-knock jokes was rescued from the Pacific Ocean Friday in what some are calling a Lazerus moment. Charles Dale Ostrander was off the coast of Washington state with his church youth group, when he got sucked out by a rip tide and spent 20 minutes under water. The church laid face down on the sand weeping and praying as rescuers found and carried his lifeless body to shore. They say the boy was absolutely gone: no pulse, body cold and blue. When they brought him to shore, Dale's dad said he yelled for his son to open his eyes, and they suddenly popped open. Back at the hospital, his mom started to call for him to cough, and he coughed once, then yelled "I don't need to!!" That's when the room was in shock, saying "he spoke-- not only a word-- but a full sentence!"  He'll be in the hospital a bit longer-- but Dale Ostrander was given a second chance at life last week. His parents say it's because of the power of prayer. If you want to see photos of the rescue, go here.