100 Year Old Cabin In Ne Pennsylvania Donated To Boy Scouts

01.17.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   The Daniel Beard cabin was one of the first boy scout cabins ever built in America; it's nearly 100 years old. And it's located in northeastern Pennsylvania near Hawley. The cabin was just donated to the boy scouts for their use, but with one condition. They have to move it somewhere else.
   Right now, it's located on the Woodlock Pines Resort grounds, and developers there want to do something else with the land. So with a 10-thousand dollar grant, a number of troops banded together over the weekend and started disassembling the large cabin. The story was featured on WNEP-TV. One troop leader says they're going to move the cabin to their goose pond location. He says in the future, it'll be a heritage site for all of northeastern Pennsylvania-- and for all boy scouts.
    They still need to raise a significant amount of cash to finish the project.