10 Year Old Pa Girl Charged With Murder

05.02.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 A 10-year-old central Pennsylvania girl has been charged with murder-- for shaking a baby. Just a 5th grader, the child was charged on Friday in Shippensburg. She herself was being watched by a 56-year-old woman named Dottie Bowers-- and it was at that woman's house that the girl became frustrated with another child under Bower's care-- an 11-month-old baby named Heath Ryder, and shook him in a moment of anger. The baby suffered traumatic brain trauma and died last August. It's not surprising that the babysitter was ordered not to have any contact with small children, but very odd-- that the court system in p.a. also charged the child, who was just 9 when it happened. The girl's attorney says she has no mental health history and no history of behavioral problems at school. Pennsylvania law requires murder charges to be initiated in adult court regardless of the defendant's age.