Why We Should Do Away With Black History Month

03.23.10 | Dr. Stephen Coleman | Comments[11]

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February 28th marked the end of Black History Month for this year. Appropriately and predictably, throughout the month of February there were hundreds of educational programs and events to celebrate Black History. Well, I'm hoping that Black History Month has ended not only for this year...but forever.

You see, Black History month represents the shameful segregation and compartmentalization of Black History. I submit that segregating, compartmentalizing, and minimizing Black History by putting it into one month -- in fact, the shortest month of the year -- is racist and reflects America's sad history of segregation.

I say that the time has come to celebrate Black History every month of the year, along with the history of other groups who -- like African Americans -- have contributed so much to making America the greatest nation in the history of mankind. The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. argued that segregation is unacceptable and inherently evil. There's no better reason to end Black History Month.

And by the way, this month is Women’s History Month -- something which also should be eliminated in order to celebrate Women’s History throughout the year. Assigning only one month to celebrate Women’s History is insulting and degrading.

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on 03.25.10 Nick -PA commented

Black history (e.g. BET) should be looked at as racist. I just read a report done by Syracuse U that by 2020 the caucasian will be the minority, so should we have WET, or White Tales of the 1900s? No, and I'm not racist, I just never agreed with considering titles associated with 'Black.' It's not like we didn't have to learn it all already, so let's move on with their negative history and into the new era: White = Minority (rather funny).

on 03.23.10 Cindy commented

Dr. Coleman,
Thank you for your honest assessment of race relations in America today. Racism is real and the church has not done a very good job of addressing it. Our houses of worship are too segregated. Our homes are too segregated, our communities are too segregated. I was raised in an all white home, went to an all white school, and attended an all white church. Now, by best friend is black. We just need to treat each other with respect, dignity and honesty. Let's remember, the story of the Good Samaritan. If ever there was a lesson in racism, that was it.

on 03.23.10 Andrew commented

Dr. Coleman,

Do you think race relations have worsened under President Obama, or gotten better?? - just a thought.


on 03.23.10 Caleb commented


Doesn't "black history month" do more to foster segregation than build bridges between the different races?? Just wondering.


on 03.23.10 Steve commented

Dr. Coleman,
I agree with your commentary on Black History month, there is still a lot of deep seeded racism in this country and I don't think black, green, or red history month will do anything to help. Until we learn what it's like to live in a person of a different colors shoes we will never achieve racial harmony.

on 03.23.10 Roger commented

I don't think celebrating black history month in any way minimizes African-American's. It's good for young black men and women to know what their fore-bearers had to go through to achieve equal rights in this country.

on 03.23.10 Shane commented


The best way to end racism is to stop drawing attention to race. Dr. King also said that he hoped to one day live in a country that judged by the "content of our character, not the color of our skin." Let's stop putting up these artificial walls that divide.


on 03.23.10 Tony commented

There will always be racism as long as there are races....I think in many respects we self-segregate. The church is the worst at it. What's the most segregated hour in America?? - Sunday morning - 11 o'clock. Think about it.

on 03.23.10 Al commented

Dr. Coleman,
I wish the influential African-American artists of today would stop degrading women and celebrating violence in their music. They totally nullify the message of Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and other civil rights pioneers by fostering that kind of message in their music. They have incredible influence over young people and they feed a stereotype that is contrary to God's law.
Thank you

on 03.23.10 John commented

Dr. Coleman,
Why don't we have white history month ??

on 04.01.10 Rhonda commented

Maybe children shouldn't be raised by teaching and continuing the "old way" of the world. Racism continues because generations teach it and relive it. The same goes for re-enactments of the Civil War and others. South Carolina still hangs and flies the confederate flag as proudly as ever! Stop teaching negative history to our children and start teachins "ONE nation, under GOD, INDIVISABLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL."